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Aku tak dapat melelapkan mata memikirkan soal duit dan mengenangkan bil-bil yang tertunggak. Aku tak mahu hingga aku harus meminjam.

Malu memikirkan mertua. Malu dengan diri sendiri.

Bukanlah menyesal bekerja dengan pihak tertentu, tapi kesal dengan diri sendiri kerana tidak belajar melalui kesilapan: Jangan sesekali lagi bekerja tanpa sebarang hitam putih.


I’m going crazy. 

Today I registered my company for the purpose of entering an IP creation competition. If I win, the money spent to register the business is justified. If I don’t, that’s a week of car petrol flushed down the toilet.

The client who has been avoiding my calls finally picked up and said that the company is hitting rock bottom and it is highly likely that they are closing shop unless it’s bought over. I’ve paid some of the artists I’ve delegated for the project from my own funds. Looks like that’s going to be another lost cause.

I have been sending chaser mails to other freelance jobs I did for an agency too but the accounting department hasn’t gotten back to me for a month.

As for the full time job, it appears that I won’t be able to receive my paycheque any time soon after talking to the company founders. I won’t be doing work for them anymore but that does not solve being paid.

Looking at my account balance and the bills that I have been holding off to pay, I’m going to lose my shit soon.

Pied Piper Without The Pipe.

I tried freelancing. Even with a black and white, my clients fail to pay me on time. I have been chasing for payments from the same project for 2 years now. Today’s update: My call went straight to the voice mailbox. My next move is to show up at the office.

Tried working full time. My paycheque hasn’t been coming in for 2 months. Honestly I don’t know what else to do other than pray to God that I’m given the strength to endure this hardship.

Delivering work on time doesn’t feel so great these days when your bills are piling up and you’re not just feeding your own mouth.


Aku dambakan ketenangan hati ketika bekerja. Bukan satu lagi situasi yang sama seperti yang aku telah tinggalkan.

Hello Internet.

I just moved in to a new place with the missus. For about more than a week we had to go about our daily routine without internet connectivity. At first it was such an inconvenience having so dependent on that accessibility to almost anything that comes across our minds.

We got used to it after a while. There was no need to update or be updated on social media with what was going on by people who have wronged us (but out of diplomacy and keeping the peace we are still friends), no feeling of envy or unnecessary competitiveness with the world.

There were just us fixing the house, moving furniture, cleaning the floors, and catching up with friends and relatives that mattered. We update each other by visiting and talking.

It felt nice.

But hey the internet is up so back to that rat race again!

1993: The New Warriors #39 was my very FIRST comic I bought by breaking my piggy bank. 

I remember clearly purchasing this at Subang Parade. No guessing why the cover attracted a primary 4 schoolboy  Nova was one of my favourite characters so I got really excited to see the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy.

I was a BIT sad to see them as [super]powerless cops with pilot licenses buuut, it was still a good fun movie. 

Maybe one day a Super Nova will rise from the corps.