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Isometric Renders Michiel van den Berg

Last month I started a ‘30 isometric renders in 30 days’ challenge. To get ideas out of my (mental) sketchbook onto my screen I created one isometric picture/render a day. I love the style, it’s good render/lighting practice and good to ‘keep the motor running’ so to speak.”

(Source: archatlas, via aimanfadzly)


You, Mam, are an exceptional cartoonist and a boon to our community.


My entry for Powell’s Books tote bag design contest.

You can read more eloquent arguments against these types of contests here and all over the internet if you search for it. I do believe there are exceptions and art contests that aren’t exploitative. Powell’s argument that they have three designers on staff doesn’t make this $500 gift card contest one of them. If you read the rules of submission this contest is clearly not meant for amateurs either.